Monday, 31 January 2011

Well I can see you're waiting, but I don't care.

To fill this whole place up with gasoline, and blow the top off this whole damn thing! Four Year Strong are mint, listen to them.

This post is long over due. I've been told by 3 people I need to post something, as it's been far too long. In all honesty I've been avoiding it a little bit, I'm struggling to find things to say about the Vegan-ness. Not only have I been struggling to find things to say, but I haven't really had the energy to be bothered to write anything. It takes much more effort than you'd think writing in here, but I'm here today.

First things first, as I've already said I've been lacking energy. Unfortunately I can't pin point exactly one reason why, as with many things in life, it's down to many different factors. Basically, it's that time of year where everyone is a bit drained and miserable. There's also the fact that I've been consuming way less caffeine than normal, this is because coffee really does taste like crap made with soya. Unless of course, you go to Starbucks.. But quite honestly, who can afford to do that on a daily basis? One last reason I might be tired, could I'm afraid be due to what I'm eating or, what I'm not eating.

I could actually bitch and moan all night about the negative things, but I'm not going to do that as there are positive things that have come out of this. I do actually feel better over all, despite the tiredness and lack of motivation in general, I've actually felt better. Most people that know me know how often I get stomach aches and pains, but since getting rid of meat and dairy most of those pains have gone away. Definitely willing to sacrifice cheese and things if it means I don't have to suffer those stomach aches!

Vegan food is a bit odd to some extent. They mix some the strangest things, one thing that I've eaten is cauliflower and mushroom curry. Now I feel I should mention that I actually quite dislike both cauliflower and curry, so obviously I thought very little of this meal. But I've tried other curry as well, and I've actually come to realise the main problem I had with curry was the chicken. I know that sounds a bit strange, as I like chicken any other way.. there was just something about it in curry that was just nasty! So I've tried a lot of different foods that I wouldn't have normally, that's definitely a positive to come out of this. I feel I'm going to be more willing to try new things, it's so easy to just stick to what's normal and quite silly really. I've never realised how much I'm missing out on new experiences really. Ha ha ha, how cliché does that sound? Well I don't care!

There's another reason I've decided to come on here, I just read something on the internet that actually quite annoyed me. It was posted by a Vegan, who to be honest may have many valid opinions. But to be frank, it's getting a bit too much for me, I keep seeing all these people post ridiculously over the top opinions here there and fucking everywhere. I've heard it said before and I'm going to repeat it, how do these people not realise if they weren't so aggressive with what they were saying people might actually listen to something they had to say. I'm not just saying Vegans are the only people in the world with strong opinions, me of all people know that's not true. But they seem to get themselves into huge debates for no reason, and when people try and argue an opposite side the Vegans are being "attacked", it's really frustrating. Another example of this would be say.. religious people. I'm not going to open that tin, as I don't really want to get myself into trouble, and I don't have a problem with religious people, hey I'd even say I'm a bit.. religious. What I think I'm trying to say is, I think it's really great that these people believe so strongly in something, and they want to fight it's cause every minute of every day. But is it really so difficult to do it without offending someone else? And how oblivious do you have to be, to not realise that sometimes it is your fault. I'm not aiming this at anyone I actually know, it's just.. I read a lot of stuff on the net and I get really angry at the utter bollocks people come out with.

So that's my story today! It's been exactly three weeks now and I'm doing okay. I even think even when I go back to meat eating, I may do it in a healthier way. We all know that eating things in moderation has to be the healthiest option.

I'm going to try to not neglect this blog... but I doubt I will.

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jdark6 said...

With reference to the Vegans getting into debates etc:

Some of them are vegans just so they can argue about it and feel persecuted I swear.

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