Sunday, 16 January 2011

Slightly drunken post.. oh dearrrr.

I ordered a "vegan starter pack" from the Vegan Society about a week a go, I got it just in time for the start of my quest. However I was utterly disappointed as, if I am to be Frank, who I am most certainly not but if I were, I would say, shite. Utter shite. It's a good job I already knew bits about nutrition and vitamins and those sorts of things. This "Starter pack" was full of reason why I should become a Vegan, now the average person who was going to order that already has reasons for wanting to be a Vegan, why the hell upset them by showing them out of date material about animal rights. I'm not ever going to say Animals shouldn't have rights, I'm not that much of a bastard. But for goodness sakes, they have far more rights than these bloody people are claiming. You tell me that it's cruel to milk a cow, I'm going to tell you to go and talk to an educated farmer or something. I'm bias I know, as one of my most favourite people is from a dairy farming family, and I've been told by her about these things. To be honest I trust her. I know that there are going to be things that maybe could be seen as "wrong" and I'll probably agree, but saying that it's cruelty to that extent.. it's just moronic. Now after that big rant there I'm thinking to myself "oh for goodness sakes why are you taking part in this, if you don't believe in it?", the answer is I'm not quite sure. But I'd like to think it's worth something. Anyway, my original point was that today I've received another "Vegan starter pack" this one was ordered by another friend of mine. And I have to say, it's brilliant. Much more useful than the one sent by the Vegan Society. It's telling me all sorts of helpful information which I'm quite happily reading through. I guess my point is, some Vegans are really useful. And some are far too busy cramming their opinions down my throat for me to appreciate what they have to say.

On another very unrelated note, while slightly related I suppose. I realise how my opinions make me a bad person today. A good friend was telling me some stories and I was just sat there and it made me realise that people who are more pathetic than me genuinely make me feel angry. It's sad, because I may not even know them and I'm getting angry because they are being pathetic. Really hoping I can let go of all my negativity towards people. Maybe start feeling sorry for people for digging themselves into holes and things, rather than getting angry for bringing it on themselves. It's pathetic of me really. Well, they do say you dislike the features other people have that you see in yourself.

I got given a piece of Vegan Chocolate today, it made my day. As well as being a bit... drunk. 
That's the update for today I think. I'm not going to even read through it and correct my mistakes.. it's far too much effort. I hope there aren't too many though!

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