Sunday, 9 January 2011

Tomorrow it starts.

Went shopping with Dad today, honestly got shit loads of food. It's outrageous how much fruit I've managed to fit into one fruit bowl. Who knows how well I'll cope with this, but that's the point isn't it! Setting myself some sort of goal so I can actually achieve something and find out just how strong I am. Worried it's not going to last, and that I'm going to fail in the first day.. Honestly I'd like to think I have little more inner strength than that. I've been binging on my favourite meats and things today, possibly not a good thing as it means tomorrow I'm more likely to think to myself "Oh I really fancy a bacon Sammich", haha. As it happens that's what I'm going to have for tea, along with a cuppa coffee with the lovely milk! Man, I hate the Soya crap in my coffee, I'm going black I think. Black with lots of sugar! Get ready for a very hyper Jenny!

Anyway, I've found some of the oddest things are vegan friendly. Peanut butter, who'd have thought?! And some of the most ridiculous things they refuse to eat, flaming HONEY! Really?! Seriously! Maybe I'm just living in stupid world or something, but I really didn't expect that. I sense that I'm going to be eating some rather interesting meals as well as the boring old beans on toast. Everyone will see me with a lovely home made smoothie in one hand and in the other there will be carrot and celery sticks. I'll definitely be dipping too.

From tomorrow I think I'll be doing daily posts (well within reason).. Whinging about how hungry I am or about my cravings for meats and things!

Prepare for even more irritableness.


Anonymous said...

so why are you doing this?
cause you dont believe in eating meat, health, or just to see if you can?

Jenny said...

A lot of it is about health and of course it's a brilliant way to test my self, as I'm sick of hearing the constant arguments between meat eaters and vegans and they both claim that each is better for you. So what better way than to try it out? And then when I know I can argue my point fairly.. And of course it's a great test of self discipline.

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