Friday, 7 January 2011

I never said that I didn't need you.

Figures for this to be accurate I can't just only write when I feel bad or.. when I'm actually eating dodgy. Else it's not a very good estimate of how I've "changed" or what ever. So I'm here writing again. Feels a bit silly but what the hell? Shall we just go for it? Been feeling a bit sicky/poorly/weird for a few days now. Not sure when it's going to stop.. I'm used to having a fairly dodge stomach by now but.. I dunno, it's not the same as usual. Just to make sure the point is there, I do in fact get unwell on a regular basis normally!!

I've not really been great for about a week. Been thinking about everything and it just makes things so much more difficult. Usually, I'm quite a happy kind of person. At least I'd like to think I am. We have a rule in our family, I'm not usually the best at sticking to it but hey! So what's the rule? "Always keep a stiff upper lip." Not the best philosophy to live by but I'm sure most people have some fairly flawed ways of living. More recently it's been harder to do that, the littlest things make me want to cry, it's like I cracked one day and ever since the small things get to me. That'd be fine but the bigger things get to me too. The bigger things are having too much of an affect on me at the moment too, honestly I think I'm just a moody and emotional blob!

MEH! I give it a week and I'll be back to my usual self again! Well, I should think not! I'll be having some right weird eating habbits. Apparently I have to eat properly for it to be "healthy", meaning I have to have three actual meals a day. I don't think I've done that for years! Although it should mean less snacking.. But then what do vegans even snack on? Bloody pickled onions and crackers?! I don't think I'm going to be doing that. So three meals a day does sound pretty sweet. Come to think of it, I should probably stop writing on here and find out what I can actually eat, else it's going to be a very hungry month or so!

Now, I'm going to stop using this place to whinge! It's not what it was created for.. Well it was a bit. But not to the extent I've been doing it. So I shall hush with the whinging and get on with.. everything else.

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Bethan said...

I never understood the stiff upper lip lark! mostly because if you're sad, I think it's the wobbly lower lip you need to worry about.

Godspeed for your vegan trail. I've been perusing my cookbooks to find dinner I can make you!

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