Thursday, 24 February 2011

These are the thoughts that are on my mind, moments that haven't yet been defined.

You know what you spend so much time with someone and you start feeling what they feel. No me neither, but I have noticed that sometimes when my friends hurt, I seem to feel a bit sad for them. Not quite sure how to explain this one. But well one of my friends seemed a bit upset tonight, and I just wanted to... take her pain away.. and then once I'd left I started feeling sad.. for no reason other than because she was. It's getting a bit sad really. Sad in a pathetic way, not an upset way! By that I mean me, not her.

I went through texts on my old phone the other day, my god was that a mistake! After seeing them I started to realise that a break down of friendship was as much my fault as someone else's. But I suppose..I just wanted to believe it was all their fault. I imagine this person would know who I was talking about if they read this, so just in case I'd like to apologise, just for blaming you entirely. I've realised, I did make it awkward too. I've no way to justify this, I was just hurting and was taking it out on you, cos you were the closest person. I guess I blamed you for the hurt too. Wish we could go back to how things were back then, when we used to talk and it used to flow. It'll never be the same though, sounds dramatic.. but too much has changed. I'm just sorry.

My eyes are close to sleep I just felt like I needed to write these thoughts down. This is why I used this title to the blog, not only is it one of my favourite songs but it expresses how I feel perfectly at the moment.
I've written it down because it seemed so hard to say it.

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