Thursday, 3 February 2011

Nearly a month.

Today I had a really interesting conversation with a good old friend o'mine. I've basically been whinging about all the foods I miss and would really love to eat. To be quite honest she raised a good point, and this is that for those who are doing it for a real reason, and by that I mean.. well real Vegans, there's a definite inspiration behind it. The fact that you are potentially cutting out your favourite foods doesn't matter, as you are being ethical and moral and all that. "Saving the Animals" or whatever. Unfortunately, as I've said many times, there are many aspects to the meat eating industry that are cruel and immoral and thing, but the thing is.. we aren't going to change the world.

I think there are possibly more constructive ways of changing this. Instead of abusing the industry.. maybe do something a little more proactive. I mean, I'm not purposely trying to sound like an insensitive uneducated twonk, but.. thing is these industries earn horrendous amount of money a lot of the time. So are they really going to be THAT bothered about a few opinionated people sending them a bit of hate mail or protesting. No, I really don't think they are. It's a bit similar to something me and another friend spoke about a few months a go, most people are very aware about the horrible things involved within, I hate that I keep calling it this, but the meat industry. But let's be honest for a minute, it's in human nature to be selfish and greedy. So are we going to put our bacon sandwiches down to spare a few pigs, or stop eating our cheesy pizza's just in case it turns out it is actually cruel to milk cows. I don't think so.

Now I've given this Vegan thing a go, and I'll be honest. It's been hard, and I've done it for a number of reasons. Firstly, I wanted to see how difficult it actually is.. and in all honesty I've come to realise just how much these people must care to sacrifice so much. Which is some what inspirational. Shame I'm not as morally superior as these people, because quite frankly I've ran out of reasons to keep doing this to myself. I've been playing it down a bit, but I have been exhausted some days. And I do really believe that it's due to my diet. I've been taking supplements and all sorts, but I suppose to some extent that's not enough. Problem I've come across is that in some ways, I do feel better. To some extent I feel good. It's hard to describe what I actually mean, but there have been good things about it. However, I think moderation is the key. If I ignore the morals and things, which in all honesty I'm too selfish not to, I think maybe the key is to not just entirely rely on vegetables and things, but also eat some meat. But I've realised just how much we eat meat, and it's a bit sickening really. I'm definitely going to have more meat-free meals than meaty! I'm staying off the milk for the most part though, as I've had way less stomach aches and sickness, so I think the best thing is to stay away from dairy filled things. Although having said that, I'm not going to never eat a cheesy pizza again as well I'm willing to put up with the pain for tastey things. I suppose that's just an example of the way society is built up, rather enjoy something than think about the consequences.

So the point is, really.. that after the Month mark I'm going to stop. Purely because I think it's unnecessary for me to go on. I do feel a bit bad for it, as well I think I could have done a bit longer just to see. But I've done longer than a lot of people would. And lessons have been learnt, I'm going to be part vegetarian, well not really. As I will most definitely be consuming animal products, just not as often as most people do. It's very unnecessary the amount of things that contain animals really. So yeah. blah blah blah to tired to keep typing..
Think I got my point across.. Well maybe!

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Bethan said...

I agree! I think people do it for lots of different, personal reasons and I think you've got to do it for your own. Like you've got to find your own reasons to do anything pretty big (it's like if you didn't have a reason to do a job you were doing, you wouldn't find it satisfying).

And no two people have the same reaction. One person worried about the welfare of animals might become vegan, while another might just eat less meat and (when they do) try their best to source out humanely treated, well fed animals.

So I want to make you a big ode vegan cake to celebrate!

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