Friday, 31 December 2010

This whole ridiculous blogging thing is just documentation really. It's for my own personal use, as cringey as it is looking at things you've written after you've written them, I feel it's very much necessary to keep tab on what's happening through out whole process.

I suppose first off I should write about why I'm doing this to myself. Of course as this gets more and more difficult I'm definitely going to wonder why the hell I've decided to do this, giving up the things I love most in my diet will be a difficult but achievable task. It's not at all for ethical reasons, as I tried and really failed to explain to my vegan friend. I'm not a cold hearted person. Just very sceptical about what gets put out there on the internet for sensitive people to read. That's not an attack on real vegans!

The point I'm getting at here is I'm much more of an open person than I would try and convey. I've spent endless hours researching the health benefits of a vegan and vegetarian diet as I've been surrounded by these ideas for years. One of the most irritating things about it is that no one can give a definite answer to the question, no one actually knows if it's beneficial to every bodies health or not. Of course they don't, it's all down the individual as it is with anything. So I thought why not? Let's give it a go.

I have in fact been vegetarian before however at this time I was unaware of how to do these things in a way which could be beneficial to my health. For goodness sakes, what fourteen year old is going to listen to reason when it comes to taking iron supplements and such things? I've used this in arguments before, saying that I was veggie once and that it did me no good and I got increasingly ill throughout that time period. But more recently I've thought about it a little more deeply and have come to the conclusion that I probably wasn't sensible about it, as much as my parents tried to make sure things were done properly.

I'm not going to jump straight into this without thinking about it, it'll definitely take more research and more talking to people. But this is something I really want to do and the truth is I've been thinking about it for months now. Why have I decided to actually do this? Well why the hell not, I mean what have I got to lose really! Don't get me wrong I'm not a complete fool, I know this won't be an easy thing to do, as everything tasty seems to contain some sort of animal product. But hey, who the hell doesn't love a challenge? I would like to stress that I'm only going to partaking in the vegan diet, not the lifestyle. One step at a time kids. And it's not going to be a permanent change. I'm just taking the challenge, and what better time than in a new year? Cheesy or what? (Maybe not cheesy we'll have to stay away from that!)

I think this is a fairly good introduction as to why I'm going into this anyway. See if it convinces me to keep doing it when I'm getting juicy meat cravings!

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Emma said...

I need to lend you my philosophy book on animal rights ;) LoLs

I love this blog. It's making me LOL. Can't wait to see this in action.

BTW cheezly is the new cheesey.. and it tastes like aids.

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